Robust Analytics

Robust Analytics for websites are everywhere for your business use for free! Google Analytics, QR Code Analytics, Facebook Insights and so many more. Are you using them… or are you like many business owners I meet that just haven’t been exposed to the benefits of analytics? Well read on and see how our mobile apps analytics will help your business…

In a nutshell, analytics is “insider knowledge” of your marketing efforts. A, shall we say…legitimate ”crystal ball” for your business’s marketing campaigns. I don’t know about you but I certainly welcome a legit crystal ball into my mobile app with open arms.

Here are some starter benefits that app analytics can and will provide. Remember, this data is coming from your “real live, interactive & engaged” mobile audience.

Actionable app insights

Understand your app’s performance.

  • Get # on how many users download your app
  • Understand the times when people use your app
  • See which platform is most popular
  • Actionable insights into your app’s activity
  • Understand your app’s success

Keep track of purchases

Get “insider knowledge” of your business’s marketing efforts

  • Track £/$ spent on items/products
  • Track £/$ spent on food orders
  • Track appointments scheduled
  • Track consultations scheduled
  • Understand your app’s ROI


Your DEMO APP is absolutely FREE of charge, 100% no-risk guarantee with NO obligation to purchase the app. We just want you to be able to see your app come to life on a mobile device. Once you do, we have no doubt that you’ll see the endless marketing opportunities it holds for your business.


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