1. Question: How much does an app cost?

Answer: DVmobi uses a template system specifically designed for private practice professionals and is highly affordable. All cost info (and a handy link to recent app cost survey data) is here - DEMO

2. Question: What would I put in an app?

  Answer: Here are the main features (menu tabs) available in our app template system:

Conscious Dating app published for Relationship Coaching Institute

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  • Home (includes options for Call, Tell Friend, Directions
  • About:

Section 1: About this app
Section 2: Essential info about your topic
Section 3: About you (bio, publications, services, etc)

  • Audio (your podcast feed, we can help you set this up in WordPress if desired)
  • Video (your Youtube channel)
  • Resources (external to app, such as website links, online quiz/assessment, book/ebook, opt in, member login, etc)
  • Join (your newsletter opt in, we recommend highlighting your opt in offer or bonus)
  • Contact (contact form, can also be used for “Ask the Coach,” consultation request form, etc)
  • Connect (your social media options, can be in one tab or individually)
  • Wall (must login to Facebook or Twitter to post, can be used for success stories, testimonials, etc)
  • Shop (can use built in shoppingcart or product pages with paypal buttons for your services, products, and programs)
  • Postpartum Depression app published for Dr. Shoshana BennettLogin (for membership system)
  • Blog (your RSS feed)
  • Events (calendar)
  • Messages (for push notifications)
  • Services (options for working with you)
  • Voice Notes (user can record audio from within your app)
  • Notepad (user can take notes for later use from within your app)
  • Directions (user can get directions to your office from within your app)
  • Call (user can call you with one press of a button from within your app)
  • Loyalty Program (provide bonus, free session, etc after X visits, product purchases, etc)
  • Image Gallery (photos of your office, staff, artwork, products, etc)


  • Any web content can be linked in the app (requires internet connection to view) or created in the app (no internet connection needed).
  • App includes unlimited Push Notifications to communicate with your users (some of our customers even send daily tips or inspirational messages)
  • Ideally your app would have structured, organized content about your topic (typically in the “About” section) as well as less organized/structured content (podcast, video, blog posts, etc)
  • Your entire book or ebook can be put into your app
  • Your multi-step, multi-media program can be put into your app
  • Seem like a daunting project? Don’t worry, you provide the content and we design an attractive app that will enhance your credibility, provide value to your users, and generate income, prospects, clients, and customers. This is what we do!

Marriage coaching app published for Dr. Jackie Black

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3. Question: What would my app look like?

4. Question: How would an app help my business?

  • Answer: Check out the cool features and benefits of publishing an app here- features

5. Question: Can I talk to someone about how to use an app in my business or what my app might look like?

  • Answer: First, register for a no-risk demo. Allow us put a demo together to show you what your app might look like, and then we’ll provide a free consultation on how to use your app to market your business, get clients, and sell your services, products, and programs.

6. Question: How can I take a risk on something so new that I haven’t done before?

Answer: Understandable, which is why we provide a no-risk demo to show you how your app would look along with a consultation to explain exactly how to use it to get clients and sell your products and services - demo

7. Question: Can I revise and update my app after it’s published?

  • Answer: Yes! After publication you will receive access to a web-based control panel for your app that will enable you to revise and update your app, post events for your app calendar, send push notifications, etc.

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8. Question: Could DVmobi manage my app after publication (like a webmaster manages a website)?

  • Answer: Yes! For a small monthly or annual fee our team is available to perform all your updates, send your push notifications, etc.

9. Question: How long does it take to develop and publish an app?

  • Answer: Our team is usually able to put together your demo app within a week after receiving your info. After we review your app together you’ll likely have additions and revisions, which usually take another week or two before the app is finalized. Your app will be published to the Android Market typically within 2 days of submission, while Apple typically takes 2-4 weeks to review and approve an app.

10. Question: What benefits and bonuses do you provide your app customers?


  1. We are highly experienced small business owners and independent professionals who fully understand how to create an effective app that will generate significant prospects, clients, and customers for your unique service business
  2. You can rest easy knowing you’re getting the highest quality app at the most affordable price available anywhere
  3. Pre-publication interview to ensure your app is designed just the way you want it
  4. Post-publication consultation to strategize marketing your app, showing you how to send Push Notifications, etc
  5. Your own app promotion and SEO website at ViewThisApp.com
  6. Expert SEO of your app in the app stores to achieve the highest possible ranking for your keywords so your prospects find YOU
  7. Access to your app’s web-based control panel for easy real-time updates, edits, posting events, etc
  8. Comprehensive tracking stats so you know exactly how many users have downloaded your app and when to assist your marketing efforts
  9. QR codes to market your app on your website, blog, social media, brochures, business cards, advertisements, etc
  10. Got questions? Need extra help? We’re always available to our customers and clients
  11. Don’t want to manage your app yourself? We provide an optional affordable App Management Plan that will take care of everything after your app is published, such as edits, updates, Push Notifications, posting events, etc.
  12. Mobile website version of your app accessible by any mobile browser
  13. And get this… we’ll even post your first review in the Apple and Android app stores to give your app a head start!

All of the above (except the optional App Management Plan) are provided at no extra cost when you publish your app with DVmobi.

11. Question: What if I have a question that isn’t addressed on this page?

  • Answer: No problem, please contact us directly with your question here

Nonprofit organization app published for BetterMarriages.org

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Your DEMO APP is absolutely FREE of charge, 100% no-risk guarantee with NO obligation to purchase the app. We just want you to be able to see your app come to life on a mobile device. Once you do, we have no doubt that you’ll see the endless marketing opportunities it holds for your business.


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